How to add AdSense banners with Tag Manager

The web developer and the digital marketing manager are used to clash about how to implement new adv campaigns, remarketing and analytics events. The Google Tag Manager (or an alternative tag management system) has brought peace between these two worlds.

Suppose we have a simple WordPress blog where we want to add an AdSense skyscraper adv in the sidebar without having to modify the theme or add the whole adv code into a text widget.


Angular2: single service for multiple apps

Angular2 is great for SPA (Single Page Application), but sometime you need to use multiple apps in a page because you just want to add some Angular “widgets” apps. If you want to use shared data, you can use a service class, but the dependency injection in this case is not easy as it looks.

A little Nagios plugin for Systemd

Do you love Nagios and Systemd? Do you want check the systemd status with Nagios? Fine! I wrote a little plugin that checks the systemd status and reports failed units. You can find it here: You need only the Python3 interpreter and the Python nagiosplugin library. Enjoy! 😛

Debian Wheezy, Jessie and Postfix + VDA patch

Debian Wheezy and Jessie dont provide  the VDA patch for Postfix. Want to use VDA in your mail server? You can compile Postfix your own or you can download my packages! Go to this page (bookmark it if you want) and follow the instructions to add the repository to your sources.list file.

Kippo: “Protocol mismatch” workaround

A low interaction honeypot (as Kippo) tries to mine a real service. Errors included. Unfortunately this is not always possible, which makes the trap detectable by human and some scan softwares. Kippo uses Twisted conch, which doesn’t act always like a real OpenSSH server. One of the major issues is related to malformed data at connection that can disclose […]

Amarullz script for your Galaxy Mini GTS5570

UPDATE: Tired of the slowness of the Amarullz script? Try the my script!!! The Next Galaxy has the flaw of having very little memory for your applications. The latest version of the script amarullz is not compatible with this device, but I created a special version corrected and revised. Changes: Fixed waiter scripts creation. Fixed […]